Fire Corps

The mission of Fire Corps is to enhance the ability of fire departments to utilize citizen advocates and provide individuals with opportunities to support their local fire departments with their time and talent.


Fire Corps is a partnership between the International Association of Fire Chiefs' Volunteer Combination Officers Section (VCOS), the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), and the White House's USA Freedom Corps Office. The program's ultimate goal is to support and supplement resource-constrained fire departments at all levels, volunteer, combination, and career. This will be accomplished through the use of civilian advocates for non-operational related activities. The program will educate fire departments on how to implement a non-operational citizen advocates program, or improve existing programs. Fire service input to the program is provided through the Fire Corps National Advisory Committee which gives strategic direction and important feedback from the field to Fire Corps.

The foundation of this national initiative to help local fire departments is the Fire Corps website located at This website serves as a gateway to information for fire and emergency services and citizens interested in volunteering in fire department programs.

Through this program, the NVFC, IAFC, IAFF, and USA Freedom Corps Office seek to:

  • Learn about promising practices being used in existing non-operational volunteer programs;
  • Share this information with fire departments that want to expand or improve their programs;
  • Increase the use of citizen advocates in existing programs;
  • Help citizens learn about and get involved in Fire Corps programs in their communities; and
  • Help agencies without a program to get one started.

In the near term several resources will become available for fire departments and citizens to use to help kick-off and sustain Fire Corps programs. They include:

  • Summaries of existing programs and examples of their organizational material (i.e., policies and procedures, liability waiver forms, training materials, volunteer applications, etc.)
  • A Resource Guide on Fire Service Non-Operational Volunteer Programs– a manual to assist in the implementation or enhancement of a fire department volunteer program;
  • An on-line directory of existing programs that potential volunteers can search to connect with a program in their community;
  • Technical assistance; and
  • Training

For additional information regarding the Fire Corps program, please refer to the links below:

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