Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) manage the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), a large supply of medications and medical supplies intended to protect the American public during a public health emergency such as a terrorist attack, flu outbreak, or hurricane. SNS assets will only be used in events severe enough to deplete local supplies.

Once state and local authorities agree that the SNS is needed, the Texas Governor will request SNS assets from the federal government. The supplies are strategically placed throughout the United States for rapid deployment and can be delivered to the Texas Department of State Health Services within 12 hours. These “Push Packages” contain many different supplies and medicines that allow local responders to choose what they need for almost any situation.


What should you know about the medicines in the SNS?

  • All medications are free to the public.
  • There is enough medicine stockpiled to protect people in multiple large cities at the same time.
  • Federal, state, and local planners work to ensure that the SNS assets will be dispensed to everyone in an affected area.

How will the public obtain SNS assets?

  • POD (Point of Dispensing) sites will be established to give out medication.
  • Follow specific instructions provided by authorities. Television, radio, newspapers, internet, and other media sources will be used to inform people when and where to go to receive medication.