Offices Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday: All county offices will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 23, and Friday, Nov. 24, for the holiday. This includes parks offices, public works, courts and all other administrative offices. Offices will re-open Monday, Nov. 27.

2005 Projects

Major Road Projects
CR74 Completed:11-Aug-05 US380 north to CR78 0.97
CR78 Completed:11-Aug-05 CR74 west .52 miles 0.38
CR80 Completed:11-Aug-05 CR74 north 1.01
CR135 Completed:8-Aug-05 CR132 east to CR136 1.50
CR177 Completed:8-Aug-05 CR135 east to CR176 0.85
CR209 Completed:12-Jul-05 FM543 northeast to CR210 1.40
CR210 Completed:12-Jul-05 CR209 east to FM455 1.40
CR283 Completed US75 west to CR286 0.44
CR286 Completed FM455 south to CR283 3.78
CR366 Completed:28-Apr-05 US75 east to CR365 1.72
CR371 Completed:28-Jul-05 SH5 west to US75 1.85
CR411 Completed:29-Jun-05 CR410 southeast to CR341 0.48
CR434 Completed:20-Jun-05 SH78 south to asphalt 0.70
CR442 Completed:30-Aug-05 FM982 to CR1102 1.63
CR452 Completed:20-Jul-05 FM982 east to cul-de-sac 0.93
CR470 Completed:11-May-05 FM1377 east to FM1827 3.06
CR472 Completed:28-Apr-05 CR475 southwest to CR474 0.99
CR475 Completed:28-Apr-05 SH121 southwest to CR472 0.76
CR483 Completed:26-Oct-04 CR538 south to asphalt 1.65
CR545 Completed:07-Jun-05 SH78 southwest to CR488 1.57
CR562 Completed:27-Jun-05 CR561 northwest to Sister Grove Park 0.42
CR571 Completed:11-May-05 FM1377 east to CR570 1.00
CR583 Completed:26-May-05 SH78 west to CR579 0.47
CR597 Completed:4-Sep-05 End of asphalt northeast to CR566 1.43
CR601 Completed:8-Nov-04 CR605 south to CR566 1.72
CR622 Completed:26-May-05 SH78 east to CR620 1.64
CR628 Completed:22-Sep-05 FM981 south to CR825 1.20
CR634 Completed:26-May-05 CR580 north to county line 0.41
CR638 Completed FM1777 west to CR637 1.47
CR643 Completed:14-Jun-05 FM547 west to CR645 1.11
CR645 Completed:14-Jun-05 CR643 north to CR605 1.84
CR657 Completed:20-Jul-05 CR660 west to CR1027 0.91
CR658 Completed:24-May-05 CR656 north to FM2194 2.23
CR665 Completed:25-May-05 CR618 northwest to asphalt 0.65
CR668 Completed:25-May-05 CR825 east to Hunt county 2.90
CR669 Completed:25-May-05 FM1562 south to CR1004 2.51
CR825 Completed:25-May-05 Asphalt south to CR622 0.94
CR834 Completed:26-May-05 CR669 west to cul-de-sac 0.68
CR988 Completed:23-Sep-05 FM1827 north to cul-de-sac 0.41
CR989 Completed:23-Sep-05 FM1827 north to cul-de-sac 0.28
CR997 Completed:29-Jun-05 Small loop at FM2933 0.19
CR1220 Completed:09-May-05 SH121 to CR472 1.13