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2007 Projects

2007 Road Projects
Austin Street Completed Westminster .30
Church Street Completed Westminster .84
Oak Creek Circle Completed Westminster .36
Westmoreland Street Completed Westminster .37
Natures Way (Old CR458) Completed Westminster .15
CR88 Completed FM2478 west to CR87 1.72
CR99 Completed From SH289 west to BSH289 .83
CR101 Completed Asphalt north/west to CR97 1.50
CR126 Completed CR125 north to FM2478 1.25
CR165 Completed CR168 south to FM1461 1.00
CR393 Completed FM546 loop to FM546 0.35
CR406 Completed Asphalt north to CR408 1.28
CR413 Completed CR415 east to CR471 2.12
CR415 Completed FM545 south CR413 0.32
CR417 Completed From CR419 west 500' .01
CR419 Completed From SH121 north to CR421 1.80
CR427 Completed FM2862 west to CR376 2.26
CR495 Completed CR496 north to cul-de-sac 0.49
CR504 Completed FM2862 east to asphalt 2.00
CR570 Completed FM2756 north to CR574 1.42
CR577 Completed CR578 south to CR504 1.73
CR617 Completed SH78 east to CR660 2.38
CR620 Completed From CR618 north to CR622 1.34
CR622 Completed CR620 east to CR825 1.81
CR623 Completed CR622 north to CR825 1.85
CR624 Completed SH78 west to cul-de-sac 0.38
CR626 Completed FM981 south to CR825 1.28
CR818 Completed CR697 to county line 1.36
TOTAL MILES     32.50