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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a copy of my discharge, or DD214. How can I get a copy?

Hopefully, you registered it with your local county clerk upon returning home. If so, it would be readily available to you. If not, the Collin County Veteran Services Office can send a form to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) requesting a copy be sent to you. You should receive requested copy in two to four months.

Since I leaving the military, I have lost all my medals and awards. Is there someway I can get them replaced by the Government?

Yes there is. Come into our office with a copy of your discharge papers and we will complete a form that will be sent to the NPRC for replacement medals and awards. We understand that the system is greatly backlogged at the current time, however, all requests will ultimately be filled. Generally, there is no charge for medal or award replacements.

As an honorably discharged veteran, I know that I am eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery. Is there one in the North Texas area and can I reserve a spot?

Yes, the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery opened in May 2000. It is located at 2191 Mountain Creek Parkway and their telephone number is 214-467-3374. However, you cannot make a reservation. Your funeral director knows the procedures. The VA will provide a gravesite, graveliner, headstone or marker, Presidential Memorial Certificate, U.S. Flag and perpetual care of the gravesite.

Are there any VA medical facilities in the North Texas area and where are they located?

Yes there are three primary medical facilities and one community based clinic located in the North Texas area. The locations are as follows:

Dallas VA Medical Center
4500 S. Lancaster Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75216
Phone: 1-800-849-3597

Fort Worth Outpatient Clinic
2201 SE Loop 820
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
Phone: 1-800-443-9672

Sam Rayburn Memorial VA Center
1201 E. 9th St.
Bonham, Texas 75418
Phone: 1-800-924-8387

Denton Community Based Outpatient Clinic *
2223 Colorado Blvd.
Denton, Texas 76205
Phone: 940-891-6350
* Note: This facility is only available to veterans with at least a 10% service connected disability.

I have been turned down several times before for my service connected injuries and no one can help me.

This office understands the law under which the VA must operate, Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations. We apply the law in the interest of the veteran not the VA.

My mother is in a nursing home on Medicaid receiving $45 per month, can she get some help from the VA?

She may be eligible for $90 per month in lieu of the $45 she gets now if her deceased spouse was a combat era veteran.

What types of benefits are available?

Some of the benefits available are Compensation (service connected), Pension (non-service-connected) Education benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation, and VA home loans to name a few.

How can the Veteran Services Office help me?

The Veteran Services Office serves veterans and their dependents with the filing of complex claims for the various benefits they are eligible to receive. The Service Officer holds numerous accreditations with a service organization and attend mandatory training conferences two times a year to stay abreast of the ever changing laws and regulations concerning veterans.

The advocacy doesn't stop after the filing of a claim. We continue to follow the progress of the claims process with the Veteran/Dependent throughout the often lengthy time it takes the VA to reach a decision.

Can a widow of a veteran who was drawing Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) which was terminated due to remarriage be reinstated for the benefit if their current spouse dies, or they get divorced?

A widow becomes eligible to receive DIC benefits based on a previous marriage to a veteran if the remarriage of a surviving spouse is terminated by death, divorce, or annulment. Certain evidence is required to establish the status of the surviving spouse as of the date of death of the veteran. Resumption of benefits can only be made from October 1, 1998 even if the cessation of the relationship occurred prior to this date.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

What is an "Appointment of Service Representative" and why do I need one?

The VA uses Form 21-22 (Appointment of Service Representative) authorizing the claimant to have professional representation in pursuing their claim with the VA.

If I select a Service Organization as my representative, are there any charges or meetings I must attend?

Organizations selected to represent claimants before the VA must provide a statement that no charges, fees or gratuities will be charged or accepted. Membership in the organization or attendance at meetings is not required, but is permitted.

How do I enroll in the VA Medical System?

Visit any VA health care facility. Before you go to the facility ensure you have and bring with you your DD-214 (Military Discharge) showing the character of discharge. You may visit any FDVA office located in the VA Medical Centers or go to the VA "Enrollment Section" of the facility.

Will the VA fill my prescriptions from my private doctor?

You may bring the prescriptions to the VA if you are enrolled and if your Primary Health Care Provider agrees with the medications. He or she may provide you with a VA prescription for the medications.

NOTE: The VA physician may or may not agree with the need for these medications.

Where do I go for a military ID card?

Contact the military installation nearest you. You need the "Pass & I.D." section. You may need to acquire a letter of disability from the VA to establish eligibility.

Who is eligible for nonservice-connected (NSC) pension?

Pension is a benefit payable by the VA to veterans discharged under honorable conditions who have at least 90 days of service with at least one day during a period of war and are disabled because of nonservice-connected disabilities and whose income is below the allowable limit.

Non Service Connected Disability Pension (pdf)

Is there a listing of all the things I need to file a claim with the VA?

Due to the complexity of the VA system, the forms needed to file a claim vary. You should contact our local representative or call 1-800-827-1000.

My husband's health is very bad and he can't leave home without assistance. Does the VA allow any extra money for pension for veterans who need help?

An additional allowance for Special Monthly Pension (SMP) may be available at a housebound or Aid & Attendance rate. The specific amount will depend on the level of disability and the total countable family income.